Front-end Web Development.

Based in Connecticut, USA. I can build your website from the ground up, or work with any number of services such as Wordpress or Drupal. If you're looking to get a website up and running, or to breathe new life into an older project, you can contact me right here.

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What I can bring to the table.


Let's build things from the ground up. Whether your project is fully mapped out or not, I can help you fill in any missing gaps, and bring to light anything that might be of use.


I most often design websites in pure HTML(5) and CSS(3), but I have worked with applications such as Wordpress, and I would have no problem learning how to navigate any software I haven't encountered before. I also use JavaScript for any required visual effects, as well as CSS Animations.


I love to work with all sorts of layouts and formats, and I have no problem coming up with something "outside of the box". The best result is the one that fits all of your needs.


What I've done for other people.

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